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The Professional Chef - Hello It's Me!!


Not a regular guy, I like to live with passion and color, I enjoy feeling my heart pounding and blood rushing within my body and mind. I love Musica. I enjoy all aspects of investing and technology. I like to teach and mentor. I think most people don’t like to share what they know and never learn anything new as a result. Everything is a result set of what you give. Don’t give don’t get. Don’t wait until your 82 to figure this out.

Keep in mind this ‘the medicine will become the poison’ if your not careful about the affairs in your life and career.

You get what you give in the life. Try it it works…  I like to Write. Maybe I’ll start  something and see what happens. Take all I have I don’t want it anyway, to much shit to maintain anyway. Life me alone to play with my toys… I’ll have it all back in six months because I know how to hunt for food, I’m a Bull and I like the Kill of the Hunt.

I value most my Family and Close friends and avoid the rest. I don’t need much but the key is ‘I KNOW WHAT I WANT OUT OF THIS JOURNEY CALL LIFE’.

What gets me out of Bed!!

My Faith



Forex Training



Working Out


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